Who are we?

We’re a group of experienced Trenchless Industry business insiders that provide helpful information, services, and resources to companies looking to enter, or expand their business in North America’s Trenchless market.

The resources we provide cover the full business road map. From transforming ideas to actual concept, to launching products and services, to scaling through marketing and lead generation efforts, we have every area covered in full.

We’re the secret weapon that Trenchless Industry manufacturers and suppliers, can turn to when they need help, and they want to find out what works, fast.

Offering Expertise In Trenchless Industry Related Business Operational, Marketing, Sales, and Corporate Planning.



Principals and Associates: 

TMS’s two principals have over a decade of combined industry experience operating the leading Trenchless marketing consulting firm. 

While working with hundreds of industry Contractors and Suppliers, the Principles created a powerful network of industry professionals that flush comprise instead of flush,  the team here at TMS. 

TMS pulls on these various executives from both sides of the isle to assist with our projects.






Richard Beaver

Past Positions:
• National Sales Director for national full service lighting, signage and electrical contracting company with annual revenues of $28 million and 220 employees
• Vice President for Southeast Operations for a full service landscape management company with revenue of $26 million and 120 employees
• President/Owner of Jacksonville, Florida based full service landscape management company with revenue of $2 million and 26 employees

Notable Endeavors:
• Past President/Current Treasurer BOMA Jacksonville
• VP American Lawn Maintenance Association
• Treasurer BOMA Florida
• Member BOMA International since 1995
• Mayor Pro Tempore City of Atlantic Beach 1997-2005

Dave Lancaster

Past Positions:
• President/Owner of a Philadelphia based web services business
• Assist Business with exit transitions, mergers/acquisitions
• USA CEO of the 5th largest global accounting software publisher
• President of Israeli based software producer of #1 utility program in '96
• President of an incubator launching several Internet businesses
• Director of Sales, Franchise Operations with 100+ franchisers
• President of an accounting software reseller, servicing 400+ clients
• President/Partner of a high volume computer retail store

Notable Endeavors:
• Managed national marketing campaigns with over 3M budget
• Launched New Venture with over 5M in first round funding
• Opened new countries for global software products
• Executed multiple acquisitions (valued at 60M+ In 1999)
• CEO/President of company with over 200 employees & 4 locations

Market Entry Services:

– Market Entry Planning
– Distribution & Channel Management
– Product Marketing
– Sales Representative Services
– Marketing Plan Development

General Business Consulting Services:

– Business Plan Creation
– Business Evaluation Services
– Acquisition Preparation Services
– Business Selling Preparation Services
– Business Brokerage Services
– Strategic Alliance Plan Development
– Operational Systems Review
– Accounting/Financial Systems Review
– HR Functions/Processes Review


Marketing Specific Services:

– Trade Show Prep & Mgmt. Services
– Website Design & Development
– Graphics Design/Branding
– Google AdWords Services
– Email Marketing Services
– Press Release
– PR Management
– Blog/Writing Services
– Project Profile Services
– Testimonial Farming Services
– List/Target Building Services
– Email Marketing Services
– Vertical Market Marketing
– Marketing Plan Creation
– Virtual Sales Mgmt. Services
– Sales Staff Recruitment
– Press Release Services
– Social Media Services
– Naming, Trademark, Logo Services
– Telemarketing Services
– Print Material Design/Production Services
– Direct Mail Services
– Video Production Services
– Photography Services