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Do you have a product to bring to the North American Trenchless Industry?

Then, Trenchless Market Services is the right choice for you!


We know the North American Trenchless Industry like the back of our hands!

We understand your product, why is it important and the benefits it can offer the Contractor channel.

Regardless of what specific product or trenchless niche you’re positioned in, we can help you pass your message to the targeted audience to help you grow your business


How We Can Help You

If you are starting a new marketing venture it may be difficult to match your product with the right marketing company; we can help you understand your business needs and develop a marketing strategy that works in growing your business. There are several options we considered for your product

  • Which type of Contractor will be interested in your product?
    • We have relationships with both large and small contractors, contractors focused on just the residential markets, as well as Contractors 100% Municipal focused.
  • How long will you like the campaign to run?
    • Do you need a multi-year marketing plan, or just some short term assistance, we offer both!
  • Are you looking for assistance with; trade shows, seminars, mass email, digital marketing, direct mail, print advertising, telesales, or direct ‘feet in the street’ sales presence? No matter what your answer to these question Trenchless Market Services is the right company to help you with best product marketing techniques that suit your needs.

We work as a team we help you achieve the same goals. We want you to treat us as your marketing team, utilizing our wide ranges of affordable service.  We can provide you with marketing advice, localization, brand development, market communication, digital marketing, creative design and much more.

We’re passionate about marketing product driving by the result to fulfill your business potential plan.

Might there be a fit?  If so, fill out the short form below and we’ll arrange a call to learn more about each other.




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  • If a foreign company, what has your company done in the North American market to date? If domestic, just give us some basics such as; first year, volume of business in trenchless market, etc..
  • What is your company's primary product(s) for the Trenchless Industry?
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